10 Toy Storage Solutions for New Year and All Year Round

Awesome Toy Storage Ideas

10 Toy Storage Solutions for New Year and All Year Round

It's this exciting time of the year when all you hear are Christmas carols almost everywhere you go. And while this may seem like the perfect time to lounge in the joy of gift-giving - especially when you have kids at home - you simply can't ignore the logistical dilemma of cluttered toys right after the holidays.

If you are reading this after the eventful Christmas and New Year, chances are, you're going nuts with all those cool new toys scattering on the floor. While we're almost certain you'd be wishing they'd still be guarded under that giant Christmas tree, there is no turning back. Not until another 12 months anyway.

So, we've put together a list of genius ideas for clean storage when it comes to organizing your kids' precious toys.

1. Puzzle and Board Games Organization

Got some puzzle boards and board games? They pile up very quickly on the coffee table or in the closet. Why don't you try setting up a hanging closet organizer to maximize some vertical space? It's basically a cheap storage solution you can apply in a wink of an eye. It gives you and your kids easy access for pulling out when you decide to play. Plus, it gives you a preview of all the puzzle games you own.

2. Stack some crates!

A crafty storage container will come in handy for this. Stack some old crates, boxes, or any clean storage items you can lay side by side for maximum usage. They can serve as open cubbies and can be a great space to unleash your creativity. It makes for a fun aesthetic and is definitely a great addition to your playroom.

3. Stash all small stuffies in your kids' bedrooms

Over-the-door shoe organizers can definitely save your day. Clearly, they aren't just for dorms or closets! They're perfect for keeping all the stuffies on display for your little ones to see. You can also use it to hold their dolls or art supplies.

4. Transform your dresser!

Got an existing dresser you don't feel like using anymore? Transform it and make it multi-functional! This way, you won't have to buy another furniture for your kids' playroom. Use the drawers as clean storage for toys, clothing, and other essentials.

5. Get some coat hooks.

Secure a coat rack on the wall to hang hats or dress-up costumes. This will free up more space in the bins and drawers. Sure you can't do the "one toy in and one toy out" rule but you can always free up your storage container for the new toy additions.

6. Maximize your under-bed storage

Don't let the trains and tracks conquer your living space. A cheap storage box will make do to keep those train tracks out of sight. Tuck it neatly under the bed so your kiddies can pull it out and put it away on their own. You'll be thankful for the days you won't be stepping on a track piece left out in the open.

7. Build storage benches

Build a DIY storage bench and double the functionality! Use it as a bench and as a clean storage space. Needless to say, this will be great for stowing away toys that are not in use. And these benches last longer too!

8. Install floating shelves

Keep bedtime reads within reach. Make use of that awkward wall space in your kids' bedroom and transform it into a mini-library. You can even get more crafty by designing it with whimsical cloud shelves so you and your kids can get the most out of your goodnight lullabies.

9. Repurpose old items

Storage is something you'll need every day. So get one that will last for the long term. You can make use of old boxes as extra storage spaces and design them with something colorful and fun. Timeless pieces like ottoman and floor lamps will give your playroom a refined edge as well.

10. Bookcases!

Build your dream play space for your kids. Create smart seating and storage by turning two bookcases on their sides and adding some cushions on top. This will keep the toys out of the way. The open shelves with baskets will make for great storage too.