4 Top Advantages of Renting a Drive Up Storage Unit

Why Renting a Drive Up Storage Unit has its Advantages

4 Top Advantages of Renting a Drive Up Storage Unit

With a myriad of different options available in the market, you might find yourself struggling to pinpoint what type of storage space you need for your belongings. There are several considerations that you need to factor into your decision-making process, most of which boils down to space, convenience, climate control, and cost.
If you're about to rent one, what type of self storage unit do you have in mind? If you haven't decided yet, then this article might be able to help. We'll list a few advantages of getting an outdoor storage unit and why you should choose it over an indoor storage type.

Advantage #1: Convenience
Imagine moving a bulk of heavy boxes, and having to walk all the way up to your indoor storage unit on the 19th floor. It's a pain, isn't it? That is why drive up storage units exist – you literally just have to drive up there, load, and unload your boxes directly from your vehicle.
Drive up storage is oftentimes called a self storage garage. Usually similarly sized with a one-car garage, this type of unit provides ample space to store your belongings with the added convenience of roll-up doors.
This type of unit saves you a lot of time as you can pick up your items and drop them off fast and easily with its drive-up access. It also saves you from incurring potential injuries while lifting heavy objects since the transport from the vehicle to the storage space is much shorter.

Advantage #2: Space
Due to the complexity of the design of multi-level buildings, indoor storage units are meant to be compact to maximize the number of storage containers in a given facility. This means the interior is relatively smaller than what you would normally expect.
Fortunately, drive up storage units are designed to maximize space. Each unit normally doesn't include exterior walls, hallways, or doors for people to come in and out. Instead, a drive up storage unit only comes with its walls and entrance for easier access, which also enhances its overall size.
Other than being convenient, outdoor storage units are the best places to store your furniture, large equipment, or other items that take up a lot of space. If you're moving and in need of a space to store your "whole home" temporarily, then this unit type will do the job for you. Unit sizes may vary but are usually more spacious as opposed to indoor storage units.

Advantage #3: Less Expensive
This may surprise you, but most outdoor storage units are usually less expensive than indoor ones. Most indoor facilities charge extra for added features such as extensive security, temperature and climate control options. Drive up storage units are pretty straightforward, with a ground-level design that makes things less critical for the renter.
This doesn't mean you can't have added features for your outdoor storage unit though. Some self storage facilities offer multiple options for protection such as cameras, lock customizations, and humidity control.

Advantage #4: Great for Vehicle Storage
Are you a car collector? Or do you own a classic car that you want to be kept securely? Getting a drive up unit is the best choice for vehicle owners! It is very easy to park your vehicle in an outdoor storage spot and is more friendly in the wallet compared to renting a room in a garage. The benefits for a vehicle owner are just too good to ignore!
If you want to keep the quality of your classic car, consider renting a unit with temperature and humidity control to keep it from getting damaged over time. Make sure you also have enough space to do the grunt work of keeping your engine tight and pristine.

Final Words…
You'll get loads of benefits from an outdoor storage unit, but it is important to understand your storage needs first and investigate the amenities that your potential self storage facility is offering. Don't be afraid to seek help from those who know better, or you can simply contact the facility manager to address your specific concerns.
No matter what choices you make, always keep in mind that keeping your items well-protected should be paramount. If you need more help on deciding which storage type will serve you better, give us a call at 800-789-STOR and we'd be glad to lay out your options.