5 Handy Work from Home Tips You Need to Be Super Productive

Work From Home Tips to Boost Productivity

5 Handy Work from Home Tips You Need to Be Super Productive

The recent changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic had made many office workers adopt the remote work set-up. Working from the convenience of your home may sound like a dream, but with the TV only a few feet away from your workspace and having the kids (and the fur babies) running around the place, working from home can become challenging, in fact, it can be hard to do it well. This particular set-up presents unique challenges — in the area of productivity primarily.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your new WFH setup? Stay on track and get things done with these five simple productivity tips.

Dedicate a home office space and only work there

When work and your personal life is happening in the same space, it would be easy for the former to bleed into the latter. If you don't get to separate these two, they can become a medley of misery before you even know it. So set boundaries between work and personal life by designating a workspace at home and only work there. Staying focused isn't always easy so it will not be a good idea to work in your living room when your favorite series will air any moment and distract you. Not to mention when you have to attend virtual meetings with your boss. The kids are charming by nature, but it is important to keep things professional when you're doing your work. Designating a particular workspace allows you to shut out distractions and more focused on your task.

Plan your workflow

Another productivity tip for a more efficient work from home experience is to build structure into your workday. Make sure you know what your priorities are for the day, the timeline as to when you will have everything done, and what you will work on next if you still have extra time. Remember, predictability maximizes productivity so get smart about planning your start and the end of the day. Start off by doing the highest priority tasks or the hardest one on your plate when you have the most energy. When planning, don't forget to include those breaks throughout the day and the much-deserved reward anytime you see fit.

Be your own janitor and declutter your workstation

Your workspace could greatly affect the way you work. You may have everything you need there, from your laptop to your own coffee maker, but it might still not be enough to assure maximum productivity. It will be easy to get distracted when your area or at the very least, your desk has a lot of things to see, so declutter. The fewer the distractions are, the more focused you'd be at work.

To start, visualize your workspace. Do you have a handful of trinkets that serve no purpose for your job? Are there things on your desk that you rarely use? Are there files that can be stored somewhere else? Decluttering them can be tough especially for sentimental items and we can't just throw away important documents just because they look cluttered. A smart option for you to consider would be to keep them in secure storage. These self-storage solutions offer a wide variety of options to fit your need. This safe, clean, and secure environment for your belongings can help you de-clutter your home while having the peace of mind that comes with knowing your items are protected.

Get the proper amount of distraction

Not everyone enjoys an extremely organized working table or an almost bare workstation. These areas thrive when you add a touch of your personality there too like getting your favorite painting mounted on the wall or placing that quirky pouf chair in the corner. Some people also work best with background noise, soft music, or the busy office ambiance so the key to ensuring your productivity is to keep the balance. Monitor your current background noise while working from your home office and observe how productive you are, then adjust accordingly if you need to. Are you one of those who prefer things to be solitary and silent? Choose the most isolated part of your house to be your home office, but do make sure it's still comfortable. You can also consider getting earplugs so you can have some peace and quiet. If you need some music in your life and a reasonable amount of background noise, then feel free to put on your playlist or podcast, but do make sure this won’t cause you any distraction.

Take a break

There is no way for human beings to be "on" for eight long hours straight. To keep our minds fresh and smart for work, we need breaks throughout the day. Taking those 5-10 minute break every hour allows you a brief respite so you can come back to your tasks with renewed energy. So go ahead and refill your water. Get some fresh air. Stretch your legs, hips, neck, and chest as these areas tend to get tight while working.

Work is as important as our mental, physical, and emotional health. All the more we should take care of it now that times are changing and we got to adapt to our environment. Practice these simple productivity tips and reap the benefits of working from the convenience of your home without slacking.

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