5 Items in Your Storage Unit That Could Make You Money

5 things in your storage unit that you could sell

5 Items in Your Storage Unit That Could Make You Money

Do you have a storage unit that is full to the brim with belongings that you plan on taking care of later? Are you considering buying an old storage container with all its contents at an auction?

A storage unit may be the best place to store your outdated stuff, but just because these items are outdated, does not mean they are worthless. In fact, those items you've been keeping in old dusty boxes for years can be treasures for people looking for valuable vintage pieces and unique collectibles.

Dropping off things at your storage unit? You might want to take a look at your old possessions tool and who knows, find something there that is worth much more than you’d expect!

To help you out, here's a list of items in storage that you can sell for extra moolah.

Books as old as time with hardbound covers and marked as first editions can be worth quite a lot. So consider yourself lucky if you've scored those books between the years of 2000 and 2009 or if you have the highly covetable signed first edition of Eragon or the Canadian edition of The Life of Pi because they are worth a ton of money. If you are not a hardcore bibliophile, now is the best time to get in contact with a book appraiser to confirm its value before selling it instead of just letting it gather dust.

Antique finds and collectibles
Porcelain dolls that were made 80 years (or more) ago, old photographs that were taken in the early 20th century, and rare old china dishware always do well in terms of their price tags. If your item has an identifying feature on its surface, if it comes from a distinguishable period in history, or if it is culturally significant, then chances are it can bring you a nice profit. Inevitably though, some items will have wear and tear, but go ahead and let an expert appraise its value as long as it's not damaged and unrecognizable.

Art pieces
Sometimes, it pays to be a hoarder, especially if what you are hoarding for years is a lost piece of art by a famous artist. Take for instance the French homeowners in Toulouse who discovered a hidden painting that is thought to be the handiwork of Italian artist Caravaggio. It doesn't happen every day though, but it sure is worth checking out especially if you've been keeping boxes of memorabilia from your late grandmama. Still looking for a way to motivate yourself to clean your attic, garage, or your drive-up storage? This could be it!

Action figures, Beanie Babies, candy-less PEZ dispensers, and lego trains from your childhood can fetch expensive sums. These items are not just nostalgic but are so rare and valuable that certified collectors are willing to shell out the big bucks for them.

Vintage Designer Labels
Designer clothing is a status symbol so it's not surprising for collectors to actively seek the vintage ones and even those discontinued items. If your vintage designer handbag is made of real fur or leather or if a clothing item is historically significant, it can be worth a lot more.

However, clearing out your storage unit can be overwhelming. Here are some additional tips to help you tackle the beast once and for all.

Put things into piles
Putting things into piles is a good start if you want to clear out your stuff. Figure out where you want to sell them such as garage sales, online auctions, or donations. Categorize everything from piles of clothes, electronics, to expensive items like old furniture or comic books. You can also have a pile for items that don't fit into a category. The rest could either be donated or trashed.

For valuables such as the things listed above, it would be best to do your research first to find similar items and determine what price they are currently selling. Otherwise, talk to an expert for the proper appraisal for pieces that you can not find a similar price.

Sell, sell, sell!
Selling each item individually is probably the most profitable way to sell your belongings. Take pictures of each item especially if you are going to sell it online. Meanwhile, don't forget to tag them if you are planning to sell your items via garage sales of weekend markets. It is also important to describe your items truthfully and accurately and when someone inquires, arrange for a meetup.

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