5 Reasons Why You Struggle to Declutter and How to Let Go of Your Stuff

5 Reasons Why Decluttering is Hard and How to Let Go of Stuff

5 Reasons Why You Struggle to Declutter and How to Let Go of Your Stuff

People look out to live a life that's rich and meaningful and to create a home environment that is pleasant and relaxing – not something that wears them out. It's the reason why the concept of just filling your life with things that spark joy is nothing short of brilliant and inspiring. However, despite the best intentions and in spite of knowing that getting yourself a storage unit is a smart move, decluttering is hard, and letting go of the stuff you've collected through the years can be very challenging.

Getting into a decluttering groove might be impossible to muster at times, but it will definitely help in creating a tidy space for you and your family. However, there are emotional roadblocks that can keep you from getting rid of your stuff.

Your stuff keeps you bound to the past
As you get older, you might find yourself collecting old books, CDs, old awards, prom dresses, the laptop you bought out of your first salary, birthday cards, and other mementos. They are there for a reason, but keeping these things can elicit nostalgia and it's usually the negative kind. Old relics can make you long for what once was and this can affect your mental health and stability. Letting go of these is essential if you want a clean slate and make more space for the life you want now.

To help you get started, visualize what you want your space to look like. What's your dream room? How does the new look make you feel? Make sure to consider your goal for the room just before you discard those craft supplies and unused furniture and decide whether you need to rent a mini storage unit in your area.

Your way to avoid certain scenarios
Call it human nature, but we do have the tendency to let things pile up. Unfinished paperwork, unopened mail, unreturned items - the list goes on. You may not realize it but putting them on hold can cause you stress and anxiety which you can totally avoid if you just act on it. Keep in mind that stuff like this will not take care of itself and getting it "done" is better than perfect. Instead of avoiding them, your best bet is to ask a friend or a close family member over to support and lend you a hand.

You are hoarding the good stuff
Do you have a collection of gorgeous journals and perfectly pointy pens because you're saving them up for the day when a bright idea finally pops up? How about those fancy sheets and flattering clothes in your closet that you don't let yourself use because you're saving them for special occasions? It's an emotional roadblock you must overcome. Don't waste those items by letting them gather all the dust. Remember, you are worth the good stuff and every day is worth celebrating.


You are what you have
Shopping does spell happiness and there's what we call “post-purchase high.” You buy something new in hopes that it would fill whatever void you might have. See those unpacked shopping bags and clothes still with price tags? Before you know it, your home will be full of things you'll never use and stuff you do not need. The "Black Friday Sale" might be tempting, but strive to be more mindful of your purchases. Why do you want a new signature purse or a new coffee maker? Do you really need it or is it just a validation that you can make that purchase? Besides, things that don't cost money like volunteering can spell happiness too, even twice as much.

You paid for it
Yes, you did - and it's totally understandable if you want to keep it. But take note - when you worry about being able to purchase something because you might need it at a later time is one of the most dangerous hurdles in decluttering. It's not productive or healthy.

To help you get rid of something, the rule of thumb is to ask yourself when was the last time you used it and if it's been a year or longer, then it's time to let go.

Be ruthless and diligent when clearing your home - it's not an orphanage of unused stuff and nonfunctioning objects. Throw them away or better yet donate them to someone who will actually use them.

Should there be items that you really just can't toss away, renting a storage unit is a smart choice. Visit us at www.arcosstorage.com and find out how our Manteca facility can provide a safe and secure storage in a convenient, clean and professionally managed facility.