6 Benefits of Self-Storage Insurance and Why You Should Get One

Benefits of Self-Storage Insurance and Why It’s Necessary

6 Benefits of Self-Storage Insurance and Why You Should Get One

While securing your valuables in self-storage is a smart move, it does come with some risks. Sure, storage facilities are committed to providing the best security features and top-notch services, but tenants also need to play their part in ensuring the safety of their stored items.

This is where self-storage insurance is proven to be beneficial. It protects you from potential risks such as theft and damage, and from unforeseen occurrences such as fires, storms, floods, and other natural calamities.

Are you still on the fence about getting self-storage insurance? Here are six reasons why it's not just smart, it's also necessary.

It gives you protection from storm damage
Extreme and sudden changes in weather conditions can bring damaging effects to properties including your storage unit. Most facilities are equipped to withstand severe storms, with impact windows and generators on-site, but rain and wind can still breach your storage unit and damage your stuff. If you live in hurricane-prone areas, with insurance, you can protect your belongings when calamity strikes.

This is especially true during hurricane season. If you're planning to get a self-storage unit, look into your insurance policy if it provides adequate coverage for flood damage.

It protects you from water damage
Self-storage facilities have plumbing systems that run through the entire building from the walls to the roofs to protect the facilities from varying elements.

Among the risks to consider are those sudden and accidental incidents such as broken water pipes and septic issues. Take note that water damage is not always covered by insurance, so make sure to check if this option is available for you.

Protection from fire and smoke
The thing with self-storage units is that most of them do not have suppression systems and fire detection capabilities. Since the containers are usually made of lightweight construction materials, in the event that there's a fire, it would only take a few minutes for the flames to spread all around. Not to mention the fuel and the number of flammable items in those units.

And even if the fire won't directly hit your unit, the smoke can. It can be so dangerous to your valuables because smoke, like acid, will eat away at different materials especially if left too long. Quite frankly, fire is one of the major risks factors why insurance is necessary.

Protection from theft or burglary
Despite the digital surveillance cameras, gated keypad entries, efficient lighting systems, and proper employee protocols, storage facilities are still at risk of burglary and theft.

You don’t rent a storage unit thinking that someone will break into it, but you also don't want to be caught unprepared if something gets stolen from your unit. Fortunately, most insurance includes protection from this threat and all you have to do is to submit a claim if it happens.

Protection from rodents and pests
One of the most important things to consider when choosing a self-storage facility is how reliable their pest control systems are in keeping rodents and bugs out of your stuff.

The dark and quiet environment of these containers is a safe haven for these creepy-crawlies to sleep, hide, and multiply. This is particularly risky for items such as textile and leather, not to mention, all the germs they could possibly spread.

While you can take all the necessary precautions to protect your belongings against pest infestation, insuring them can save you from the headache if and when your entire inventory is no longer usable.

Protection from riots and civil unrest
It's a rare occurrence, but storage facilities are ideal targets for looters to take advantage of. They can take all your stuff away, so think of insurance as your safety net providing you coverage in times of civil disorder.

Note though that not all property is covered by self-storage insurance. High-value items such as firearms, antiques, gold and silver items, furs, and other similar garments, and money are not part of the coverage so you might want to think things through when deciding on what to keep in your unit.

While you can expect the utmost level of service and security measures from our self-storage facility in Manteca and other Arco's Self Storage sites, insurance will protect your valuables even further for your extra peace of mind.

For questions and clarifications regarding self-storage or storage unit insurance coverage, contact the location nearest you. Our friendly facility managers will be happy to assist.