6 Clever Tiny House Storage Hacks and Ideas for Maximizing Space

Tiny House Storage Hacks and Ideas for Maximizing Space

6 Clever Tiny House Storage Hacks and Ideas for Maximizing Space

While tiny homes are really interesting, most of us are still not cut out for it. Most of the time, we find ourselves starving for storage space, what more if we have to fit an entire house into such a small space! But this doesn't mean we don't love the tiny house concept. The truth is, when it comes to home organization and storage solutions, there's so much to learn from the smart and innovative designs found in these minuscule dwellings.

Do you find it seemingly impossible to create more room in your home? Here are some of our favorite tiny house storage hacks and ideas to maximize your space.

Go vertical
Space is of utmost concern for tiny house storage. The perfect solution? Make the most of your vertical space. Do not let it go to waste by putting cabinets above your windows and doors to stow away household items or floating shelves to display seasonal decors. Pro tip: Make vertical storage look aesthetic with colorful shelving, beautiful lightning, and eye-candy containers.

The hidden storage space
Most of the tiny homes out there feature a lofted bedroom with a narrow staircase. The space under the stairs is a gold mine of household storage where dwellers can place their baskets, books, drawers - practically anything - you can even have a laundry cabinet built in it! Another tiny house storage hack worth considering is the lofted bed area. Create the perfect spot for shoes, clothes, and blankets by building storage cubbies under the floor of the loft.

Customize to your needs
Having things customized may sound expensive, but the truth is, it doesn't have to be. Sometimes, you only need one piece like a cupboard on the wall that slides along the wall itself so that you can also access it from the other side of the kitchen. Custom furniture is also a smart thing to consider for extra storage. A dining set for instance can also function as a workspace by building it with extra space underneath and behind each seat to stow your stuff.

Get creative!
If you want to maximize space, you need to look at how tiny house dwellers make the most out of theirs. A clever mini storage idea we can learn from them is how we can use the kick plates under the kitchen cabinets to install drawers. You may also want to consider adding wheels to your ottoman or coffee table so it can be moved around with ease from one area to another. Rather than floor lamps, use wall sconces to make your tiny area bright and floor space clear. You do not need to put aesthetics in the backseat as well despite the limited space. The trick? Turn your stuff into art. Your electronic guitar or mountain bike can be displayed for your eyes to feast on by mounting it on the wall.

Whether you live in a 50 square feet studio apartment or a big house, simplicity is key to intentional living. Opt for items that have multiple uses and go for appliances with small footprints. For example, instead of having both a microwave and toaster oven, just use the latter to bake muffins and roast chicken. You can also save some space by using a handheld can open instead of using the bulky countertop appliance. Make good use of pegboards as well by storing kitchen gadgets on it like spatulas, ladles, and measuring spoons. For pots, pans, and mugs, use hooks to keep them secure.

Go light
The layout of your space is a big factor if you want a small room to look bigger. You may want to consider elements that will keep your space look open and airy. Go for a monochromatic color scheme to make your area look larger and more cohesive. Using mirrors in strategic areas is also a cool trick to reflect light. If you want to hide any clutter in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, then opt for frosted glass.

These are no-fail tips to reorganize your home, but in case you are still running out of free space in your house, we can help. Contact us today for safe, clean, and secure storage solutions that fit your needs.