6 Easy Organization Tips for a Minimalist Kitchen

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6 Easy Organization Tips for a Minimalist Kitchen

Because of the recent outbreak of the pandemic, a lot of us have spent a larger time exploring our kitchens. This area has now become a significant part of our home and our lives with most of us spending more time cooking, baking, and enjoying scrumptious meals.

Of course, we want the space that we love to be more organized, clean, and tidy. But here's the thing: aside from having the best kitchen storage solutions and extra space, decluttering is also an efficient way to turn our simple kitchens into something that truly stands out as the center of our homes.

Whether you love to cook or just order some takeout, learn the keys to your dream minimalist kitchen with these tips.

Clean your refrigerator and pantry
It is very important to clean out the fridge first. Throw the old food that has gone bad or the ones you will end up not using anymore such as the containers for leftover food and condiments.

You can use small bins to put in your fridge as inside drawers for small food items. These simple storage solutions will help you become more organized in planning what you have to buy or not during your next visit to the grocery store. Try doing this on a regular basis or before food shopping.

Check your cabinets and drawers
Before going for a minimalist one, your kitchen cabinets might be overflowing with various types of containers that you could not use after being buried in the edge of the cabinet for ages.

Clear out and declutter this space. You can start by throwing away all the broken stuff that cannot be used anymore. You can also recycle or donate the ones that are still useful to charity if you like. Don't forget to be honest with yourself and only keep the essentials. Do not hold on to stuff you do not need out of guilt.

Clear your counters
Your kitchen counter is the most accessible part to anyone who comes in to visit your kitchen. Make it more inviting with more space and less clutter. A major no-no for a minimalist kitchen, avoid filling every inch of your countertop with canisters and other trinkets that can fit inside your cabinets and drawers.

Make sure to place the important stuff like cutting boards and knives where it's safe but easily accessible. Pro-tip: add some color to your countertop by placing a vase of fresh flowers or a
bowl of fruit in the center.

Maximize your space.
If getting a unit in one of those storage facilities is still not an option, then it's really important to maximize your space. You can make this possible by purchasing stackable cups, plates, and bowls for your kitchen.

This idea will also work well with your dish towels and napkins. It will create a better storage solution for you as well as a beautifully crafted space.

Set up your system
Decluttering and keeping a minimalist clean kitchen is a continuous process. So, try determining what you really need and how you can use your kitchen space while keeping it highly functional.

You can create shallow storage cabinets for your pans and pots to keep them from being buried in the back of the cabinet or build ones that are closer to you while you cook. Whether it’s for
your cups, pans, or other utensils, make a system that works for you and the entire family.

Try storage facilities
Sure, decluttering your kitchen can be a tough job especially when you're heavy loaded. If your tableware and whatnots no longer fit in your existing storage, a short-term storage unit is your best bet to keep them safe and secure. This will allow you to keep your kitchen items at a different location while also making them accessible for future use.

Decluttering your kitchen is an ongoing process, so it's always best to start right away. Having a minimalist mindset will also help you to stay on the right track. Once you started your decluttering goals, it will be easy to turn it into a habit, and the next thing you know, it is already your lifestyle.

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