9 Simple Storage Solutions for Small Closets

Storage Solutions for Small Closets

9 Simple Storage Solutions for Small Closets

Closet space is a very common problem. It will never ever be big enough to fit in all our belongings. For people who like to keep things clean and tidy, closet organization can still be challenging. It's like no matter how much we want to keep it nice and pristine, it's still bursting at the seams with a mudslide of clothes, accessories, shoes, and just about anything!

Are you running out of closet space? Don't panic! Here are our favorite storage solutions and organization ideas so you can squeeze every inch out of your small closet.

Utilize the space under your clothes.
Just because your closet is small doesn't mean that you cannot put some order on the clutter. Maximize your closet space by adding a smaller dresser, cubbies, or shoe rack under your hanging clothes. You can also place your accessories and other trinkets on top of the dresser.

Add some shelf dividers and separators.
With shelf dividers, you'll never have to worry about organizing your small closet again. Take advantage of your top shelf by keeping your sweatpants and hoodies neatly stored up there. You can also use these separators to keep those stacks of towels, linens, and other bulky items intact without you having to worry about them toppling over and ending up on your floor.

The power of storage bins.
Getting those fabric boxes with lids or clear windows may not be as mighty as having a storage unit, but they can work wonders in keeping things in order. Utilize that vertical space in your closet by stacking some storage bins. The great thing about these bins with transparent windows is that you can always check what's inside them without having to take them down one by one just to take a peek.

Take those shoes off the floor.
When it comes to storage, our shoes are among the most problematic item to organize. If you want to store them in your closet, consider stacking them up by using a shoe organizer or rack. You can also grab those extra tiers for added risers.

Don't forget the clothing rack
It's a lifesaver if you're completely out of closet space. This standalone storage solution also comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit any bedroom. And because your wardrobe will be exposed, you have all the more reasons to keep it fresh and well-arranged.

Hooked on hooks.
For anyone with a tiny and full closet, a simple hook can be your best bet in keeping those ponchos, shawls, and belts organized. If you want to stack these items down behind the door, a waterfall hook will do the trick.

Label. Label. Label.
Do you want to put an end to your clutter problems? Then put a label on it! Knowing exactly where everything is in your closet (and the rest of your house) is ensuring that everything has a home. Use a label maker to make a template for those bins under your bed. Your kitchen and office storage will also greatly benefit from this trick.

Let there be light!
There are many ways to maximize a wardrobe, but if there is one thing you should not forget is lightning. Put daylight bulbs in your closet to make it easy for you to see what you're looking for. Proper lighting will also allow you to take in the true colors of your clothes and if they match with the other trinkets in your closet.

Before anything else, purge!
Getting rid of things you no longer use is the first and most important step in home organization. No matter how many bins, racks, and hooks you have, it won't do you any good if your closet is still full to the brim.

Unless you want to start thinking about self-storage costs, make sure to only keep the things you need and those that make you feel glad when you see them. Purge! Put those items in oversized storage bags for recycling or donation.

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