Battle of the Boxes: Cardboard vs Plastic

Battle of the Boxes: Cardboard vs Plastic

Which one to use?

It's not really THAT difficult when it comes to moving your items to a secure self-storage unit. The challenging aspect is figuring out the best moving and packing supplies to get, specifically the type of boxes to use to ensure that your valuables are safe and secure while in storage.

For many years, storage boxes have been promoted as a productive form of organisation. When moving your belongings, cardboard boxes and plastic containers are both viable options, but each has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

So, what now? Plastic or cardboard containers? Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of each option.


Cardboard boxes are the most frequent option. (You can purchase cardboard boxes in any Arco’s Self Storage facilities.) Cardboard boxes are valuable for a variety of reasons. Learn more about cardboard boxes to determine whether they are the best option for storing your belongings.

Over steel or wooden storage boxes, cardboard has consistently been shown to be the most effective. Cardboard is incredibly strong and resilient, simple to produce, transport, and store, and it protects the goods in a storage container from damage. Additionally, they are recyclable.


  1. Size Flexibility. Different sizes of cardboard storage boxes allow for flexibility in renting options based on your needs. Square boxes or rectangular boxes are choices when renting, depending on how much you want to store in a box. Even storage boxes are available from Arco’s Self Storage so that items like wine, linen, and blankets can be folded and properly put out while being stored. They can be used to move or store items in your home, office, or retail space.
  2. Cost-efficiency. Whether you're renting a storage space from us or simply storing items to keep at home, the price of the boxes makes planning your storage expenses simple.
  3. Environmentally friendly. When compared to plastic, cardboard materials are far more environmentally friendly. Even better, you can reuse your boxes for a variety of different purposes.
  4. Stackable. Cardboard boxes can be stacked on top of one another due to their malleability and flexibility. They may be folded up to take up less room in a storage unit because of how snugly they fit.
  5. Variety. Cardboard boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Any size box you need, whether small or big, can be accommodated with the proper cardboard box.


  1. Critters are attracted to cardboard boxes, making them vulnerable to infestations. Your cardboard boxes may be chewed on by pests. This is a risk that can jeopardise the quality of your possessions.
  2. Time-consuming - It takes time to wrap packaging tape over the entire cardboard box. The necessity of reopening the entire box is terrible.
  3. The environment a cardboard box is in will determine how long it is used for storage. In the end, cardboard is constructed of the same materials as the documents it is meant to protect, making it vulnerable to dampness, mould, fire, and creatures that prefer the dark.


Plastic containers are at least as effective as cardboard boxes. There are, of course, some shortcomings to watch out for.


  1. Durability. Of course, plastic is notorious and well-known for its durability. A typical polypropylene box has a 400-year lifespan. In addition to being resistant to dampness, fire, and rodents, it is both stronger and lighter than its cardboard equivalent. It is stackable and strong enough to sustain its own weight. Plastic is the better option when it comes to protecting documents or any other delicate goods.
  2. Stackability. Due to its higher strength and stiffness, plastic can be layered significantly more effective than other materials. Additionally, plastic may be moulded in a wider range of shapes. As a result, containers with grooves that interlock can be purchased for even greater stacking stability.
  3. Offers more protection: Plastic is a material that is significantly more resistant to water and bugs. Because of this, plastic storage containers are a good option for safeguarding your belongings.
  4. Accessible - Unlike cardboard boxes, your plastic containers won't need to be taped shut. Place your stuff inside after opening the top, then close it. Your plastic container is ready to use once it has been fastened.
  5. Visibility - Transparent materials are typically used in plastic containers, which come in a variety of hues and patterns. This makes it simpler to quickly identify your stuff.


  1. Pricey - Plastic containers cost substantially more than cardboard boxes do. They are also less prevalent than cardboard crates.
  2. Not as snug/versatile - Compared to cardboard boxes, plastic containers are less bendable and snug. Plastic containers can no longer stack neatly on top of one another due to this.
  3. Not environmentally friendly. As mentioned above, plastic can take up to 400 years to deteriorate - which has had disastrous effects on the environment as a whole.


Choosing cardboard boxes is a cost-effective option compared to plastic boxes. However, the decision is ultimately up to you. Both things effectively fulfil their intended purposes. Decide if a cardboard box or a plastic container is the best option after listing your priorities.

Arco's Self Storage provides convenient storage space rental along with a large selection of boxes, a variety of practical solutions with our services and moving equipment. Get in contact with us right away for additional information about self-storage units.