California Living! Things to Know + Moving Tips to Make Relocating as Smooth as Possible

California Living! Things to Know Before Your Move

California Living! Things to Know + Moving Tips to Make Relocating as Smooth as Possible

If the cold does bother you already and the thought of enduring another snowstorm fills you with dread, moving to California may seem like a lovely idea. The warm weather, pristine beaches, and bustling cities make this laid-back paradise a dream destination for many.

Moving to a new state? Aside from providing you with the best self-storage solutions for your needs, we're also in the mood to give you a little trivia about California as it is waiting to be explored.

Highway High
Are you into driving your friends around? You're in luck since California is known for its road systems and highways. The famous cable cars, light rails, and mini subway can be found in the San Francisco Bay area as it has the best public transportation in the state. Going green? San Franciso, Santa Monica, and Napa are very much bicycle-friendly.

Chill Vibes + Sunshine Year-Round
California offers a unique living experience wherever you go. For those who are into cool and tech-centered culture with year-round cocktail drinks by the window kind-of-weather, San Jose and Palo Alto are the top choices. The former is in the heart of Silicon Valley which is California’s third-biggest city and is world-renowned for its small-town charm.

The Mediterranean climate of California also adds to its charm. It is an ideal place for people who love the sun and warm weather. Summers are mild along California's coastline with temperatures around 70 degrees during August while big cities can get warmer with temperatures reaching 95. The southeastern region is known for experiencing the hottest and can see high as 120 degrees.

Tourist Attractions
If your bucket list includes seeing the supernatural wonders of the world, then you shouldn't miss Lake Berryessa in Napa. After settling down at your new place and securing your unused but important belongings at one of our Napa storage units, the "Glory Hole" near the damn at Lake Berryessa is not one to miss!

From high above (well, if you're using a drone, like local resident David Burgman did while visiting the lake and made the accidental discovery), all you could see is just that - a hole. But take a closer look and you will be fascinated by a swirling vortex of what seems like a supernatural whirlpool pulling you into a different dimension. It is indeed both creepy and mesmerizing, taking your eyes off it will be hard!

The hole may look mysterious, but really, it's far from being a product of a phenomenon. Lake Berryessa's famous hole came into existence as a way to prevent dams from flooding - spillways that is. We all know that spillway systems come in many shapes and sizes and the one at Berryessa is the “bellmouth” persuasion, also known as plug hole or a "Glory Hole". It works a lot like the hole in your bathtub which will keep water from spilling onto the floor just in case you left the faucet running the whole day. In a reservoir, the hole only works when the rain won’t stop which actually happened in California sometime in 2017 that Lake Berryessa in the Napa Valley has maxed out its water capacity.

Well, whether it's a supernatural whirlpool or a high-end spillway system, it doesn't change the fact that the hole in Lake Berryessa is something worth seeing.

Are you up for it?

Whether you’re moving for a job, warmer climate, or to witness the hole in Lake Berryessa, make the relocation as smooth as possible by keeping these moving to California tips in mind.

1. You're going to need your own vehicle. Unless you're living in bigger cities, public transportation can be challenging. Unless you're into road trips, be prepared to take on the wheel to get where you need to go.

2. California is stricter when it comes to their emission standards so for cars manufactured before 1975, you will have to pass a smog inspection before you can register it. Also, make sure to have valid automobile insurance to register your car. Bring the smog inspection certificate to the insurance company, have it reviewed, get a policy, and then register.

3. A lot of factors come into play when deciding on which part of California to live in. Consider the size of your paycheck and then find an affordable place to live. Expect to pay around $2,000 or more for a one-bedroom apartment if you prefer to live near the beach.

4. Job opportunities are aplenty but most pay of minimum wage. The current rate is at just 4.8%, just slightly higher than the national average with an average weekly wage of $1,252 for those working in LA.

5. Moving to California can be pricey so make sure to factor in the relocating unknowns. Consider how much savings you need before moving. If work is still not that stable, add up all the necessary living expenses for the next three months making sure you have the basic moving cost to act as a buffer. You may find yourself working on two jobs to make ends meet, but don't be discouraged. Think of it as opportunities for success and the more ways to make a living, the better.

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