The Ultimate Checklist for Organizing Your Storage Unit

Organize your storage unit with these tips

The Ultimate Checklist for Organizing Your Storage Unit

If you happen to have reached the point of needing an affordable storage solution for your household items, you ought to know that cheap storage units fill up pretty quickly. And not only that, they tend to transform into an abyss of lost and found without you realizing it. There will be a time when you’ll frantically search for your belongings amidst the chaos. Funny enough, you’ll either find them or lose your sanity before that happens.

That is why it is paramount to make your affordable storage unit easily accessible by practicing organization tips that could save you from unnecessary stress. The last thing you’d want is to pull everything out from your unit and dig through boxes over boxes – that’s a major inconvenience!
Follow these tips for a no-hassle storage unit organizational process.

1. Make a plan.
Take charge and be the boss of your own storage unit. A little bit (or more) of planning can help you structure your belongings in the most favorable way. Plan these things ahead: what’s going in; where it’s going to be positioned; and how it’s going to be transported or loaded.

Even if you’re getting a cheap storage unit, it doesn’t mean you can load it with every little thing that comes to mind. Take items you don’t need and place them at the back of the unit. Pack and transport them last. For heavy equipment or furniture, it’s best to have them dismantled and loaded accordingly. This will help you save more space for your unit.

2. Get the storage space ready to house your items.
By this we mean your storage space should be well-cleaned and thoroughly swept out before starting the real deal. Use pallets to cover the floor area to prevent insects from crowding under your boxes. If you’re renting a non-climate controlled unit, we recommend placing moisture absorbers, moth balls, or rat baits wherever necessary.

3. Be clever with your boxes.
Pick the same box size for most, if not all of your items. Not only do they make stacking on top of each other easy, they’re easy to move around too! Consider using larger boxes for non-heavy items but bear in mind that putting them at the bottom of a large stack may not be so ideal. They won’t hold up well and will be harder to remove too.

It is important to label all your boxes in detail, on both sides, and on top of wrapped items. Don’t forget to use sturdy boxes that are of the same size and stack them together. Position the heaviest ones at the bottom but remember to not stack them so tall. You wouldn’t want them to collapse at some point!

Work your way from the least needed group of items (boxed together) at the back of the unit. Items that you anticipate to be needed more often should be accessed toward the storage unit’s entrance.

4. Car storage hack
If you’re worried about car parking, an indoor car storage option will keep your worries away. A dark, sealed space with 24/7 security measures will give you peace of mind while you’re out of town. When you start to take your car out from its storage unit, make sure to remove socks or rags from the exhaust pipe. Once your vehicle is driven away from the car parking, it’s best to take things slowly first to make sure everything is in working order.

5. Choose a storage facility that meets your needs.
There’s nothing more frustrating than perfectly laying out a plan and having everything prepared neatly, only to realize that the facility you chose doesn’t match your requirements! It’s important to partner with a facility that does not only offer affordable storage but also provides the most benefits for renters like you.

Each renter has specific storage needs, so make sure you know what they are and tick each of them on your checklist as you gather information from your prospect facilities. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the facility managers too!

Final words…
An affordable storage solution is an ideal solution if you have too much stuff at home, but it won’t be of any help if you don’t manage it efficiently. Avoid stress by following the tips above. And if you need a storage unit that fits your needs perfectly, check us out and we’ll help you find the perfect storage plan for you.