Moving Box Checklist – Pick and Pack Your Boxes Efficiently

Pack your items effectively using a moving boxes checklist!

Moving Box Checklist – Pick and Pack Your Boxes Efficiently

We all know that moving is a lot of stress! As the day draws near, things get more and more hectic that sometimes, keeping track of your belongings will be especially hard. It will be weeks or sometimes months of boxes, stress, money, boxes, labor, and back to BOXES. In which case, you sure will need a mountain of them!

Packing your belongings in boxes doesn’t come with a set of detailed instructions, so you’ll need to be strategic in utilizing these when relocating. Firstly, you don’t just dump your things inside and call it a day. If you’re smart enough to use these boxes as intentionally as possible, then your move will be a lot easier.

Here’s a quick guide to picking and packing the right boxes for your move, as efficiently and confidently as possible.

Get the right boxes
Not all boxes are made for moving, so make sure to get moving boxes that are specifically designed for relocating and storing fragile items. If you’re thinking of using old boxes – hold that thought – they are very much prone to collapsing and may even be contaminated with pests. You can, however, make use of small and sturdy boxes (the kind you get on your porch from online purchases) as they don’t normally come with your moving box package. Small boxes are great for tools, flatware, wires, toiletries, and pieces of jewelry.

So what sort of other boxes do you normally need for your move?
● Medium boxes for books, papers, photo albums, and dishes
● Corrugated boxes to prevent fragile items from breaking. Great for glasses, fine china, and other delicate items
● Large boxes for awkwardly shaped items – appliances, pots, toys, cookware, etc.
● Extra-large boxes for awkwardly shaped items that need extra protection. They could be lamps and large vases or other delicate home décor items. Just remember to not fill them with too heavy items as it will be quite impossible to move these boxes. Stuff in some pillows if need be.
● Wardrobe boxes for your clothing and other garments. Prioritize clothing that you value the most (like a wedding dress) or those that should be ironed.
● Picture and mirror boxes for your photos and mirrors (of course!)
● Electronic boxes for your TV set, computers, and other equipment.
● Mattress boxes for guess what? Mattresses!
Other materials that you need to prepare as well:
● Crates – great to invest in custom crates if you have some valuable items (paintings and highly expensive things) for your move. You can request one from your storage facility.
● Garbage bags – there will be a lot of mess on moving day, that’s for sure!
● Packing tape
● Labels – make sure every box is labeled
● Packing paper or bubble wrap for extra protection

Now that you have your moving boxes ready to go, it’s time to get started with your packing.

Sort your items by category
Set up your first box and pack up one small area at a time. You will need to group items together by weight and size. Make sure your knives and other sharp materials are clearly labeled and stacked separately.

Fill the moving box
If you’re packing the non-fragile stuff, make the most out of your box space without making the box too heavy. Partially filled boxes might collapse when stacked. For your fragile belongings, leave at least 2 inches of packing material on all of the box sides.

Seal and label each box
Make use of strong packing tape to seal each box. You can wrap the tape across the top with the flaps and then wrap another piece of tape across the top, this time against the flaps. This method will help protect your items and prevents the box from collapsing when stacked.

Put the heaviest boxes at the bottom
Always make sure to put the heaviest moving boxes at the bottom as we need the boxes to have a lower center of gravity to prevent them from tipping over when stacked. Keeping them at the bottom also frees you up from heavy lifting.

Moving day is definitely not a piece of cake, but when you know what and how to pack properly, the process becomes seamless and more manageable. Seek assistance from your self-storage facility to make your move a lot easier. Alternatively, you can also contact us at Arcos Storage so we can provide you the storing and moving solutions you need. Request for a quote at 800-789-STOR or visit a facility near you.