Moving Day Etiquette When Working with Movers

Etiquette and Tips for Moving with Movers

Moving Day Etiquette When Working with Movers

In every profession and dealings in life, proper etiquette and manners are important. Knowing how to behave appropriately in a given situation shows what kind of person we are to others, giving them the respect and consideration they deserve. The same thing goes when you are moving with movers. To help you make your interactions smoother and thus make moving day easier for everyone involved, here are some tips for moving with movers.

Be pack and ready before moving day
Full-service movers will pack up your entire house or apartment for you with their trained staff who can get your stuff boxed up safely in a fraction of time. But you can also opt not to splurge on these additional expenses. Whether you're hiring a team of movers or doing it yourself, make sure to finish your part of the work before moving day. Have everything ready when the team rolls up, making sure the boxes and other items are labeled with where they go at the new location including the items for secure storage so they'd know which stuff goes where. Observing this will ensure a quick and efficient unloading process which is something to take note of especially when you are paying them an hourly wage. You don't want to waste their time nor your money if they have to wait for you to finish packing your belongings.

Label the fragile stuff and inform the movers
Your movers are not psychics so if something is fragile, tell them. This moving day tip sounds basic, but missing this part could mean a disaster. Your movers need to know clearly which boxes require gentle handling and they need to know this sooner rather than later.

Carry the important stuff with you like cash, jewelry, and prescription medications
Movers prefer to steer clear of the possibility of misplaced items so certain valuables like jewelry, cash, and medicines need not be their burden anymore. Besides, moving day can get pretty hectic and on such occasions, it's better to hold onto your valuables rather than let other people take care of it. The movers can take care of the rest.

Don't put heavy items in large boxes
It may sound sensible to put gym equipment, speakers, and books in large boxes, but doing this is a big no especially if you want to be considerate with the crew. A big box filled with books is difficult to carry and because it's quite heavy, it could also burst open. This is also applicable if you're planning to store some items in affordable storage. Don't put everything in one container if it's no longer reasonable to do so.

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Empty the drawers and desks
Items left in drawers, desks, and armoirs can pose a danger to movers and anyone nearby. Avoid the risk of accidents from sliding drawers and shifting content by leaving them empty. If you want to keep your stuff in the drawers as what most packing experts recommend, make sure to safely secure both - contents and the drawers - by wrapping them tightly.

Don't forget the details!
Before the moving crew shows up, make sure to let them know where they can park the truck. Keep the permits in handy lest you should need them, and don't forget to inform them of time restrictions. A good moving day etiquette also includes notifying and being in harmony with any neighbors, HOAs, and property owners whom you might impact while moving out.

Ghosting hurts, don't do it!
Your movers would appreciate it if you stay out of their way and let them do their job, but don't leave them to do it all on their own. Don't disappear on your movers. Be sure to stay close enough so they can reach you if they need you or let them know where to find you if you need to pop out for a few minutes.

Moving day can be painful, but thanks to professional movers, you can be sure that the physical and mental heavy lifting is now well taken care of by practiced hands.

P.S. Don't forget to tip your moving crew. Providing them with snacks and drinks throughout the day is also highly recommended.

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