Moving Tips That Will Make Your Move (and Life) So Much Easier!

Moving Tips That Will Make Your Move (and Life) So Much Easier!

Transferring into a new home can be an exciting yet daunting experience most especially when you consider the overall process of moving your valuables from your previous one to the next. You may not be moving mountains, but you do have to figure out how to sort, pack, and move your stuff without hurting your pocket, breaking your fragile China, your shoulders, or whether or not to consider looking into the wonders of public warehousing – a.k.a “self-storage.”

While individual circumstances and organization preferences vary, the following tips can come in handy if you’re unsure of where to begin.

Eliminate and Declutter
It may be hard to say goodbye to the cute furry pink boots you've purchased back in college but if you haven't worn it for years, then let it go! Keep in mind that the more you get rid off unused and unnecessary items, the less stuff you'll have to organize, pack up, load, and unload when the time comes. As soon as you got the confirmation that you'll be moving, start eliminating everything that no longer sparks joy. Being ruthless with your belongings and doing a massive purge deciding on which of your valuables stays and which ones to discard is important if you want to make the whole moving out process less stressful.

One Room at a Time
It's easy to feel overwhelmed particularly if there's so much to do with so little time. A good trick to help you stay calm and focused is to not look at moving as ONE large task but smaller projects done one at a time. Packing and storing an entire household all at once just won't work! Start in your bedroom, your child's room, the kitchen and then move on into the next and you'll be boxed up and ready before you know it.

Create a Master List
To keep your sanity intact when preparing for a move, create a Moving To-do List. Don't let a single task - no matter how small or seemingly obvious - slip your mind. Having a master list of everything that you need to do in preparation for the big move will not only give you peace of mind but will significantly help make the entire process run smoothly. Besides, who wouldn’t want to avoid scrambling too? Take note of everything you need to settle (bills, change of address, etc), what you need to take with you and those you wish to store. Should you decide to get affordable storage, creating itemized lists can help the self-storage move become more efficient. It will help you ensure that the proper items are transferred to your new home or into the self-storage unit.

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