Organization Ideas for Your Studio Apartment

Tips and tricks in organizing your studio apartment

Organization Ideas for Your Studio Apartment

If you’re living in a studio apartment that’s generally around 500 square feet, with only a bathroom and a kitchenette area as separate spaces, I’m sure you’d find it tough to fit all your stuff inside. Although it may seem like an impossible feat to suit your entire life in a very small rectangular space, there are actually ways to make your life easier in such a tiny place. You just need to be a little bit more creative and strategic when it comes to bringing your organization ideas to life.
What’s a studio lifestyle?

For a start, studio apartments are mostly around 500 to 600 square feet which comprises the living space, essentially. And if you’re lucky, there may be a closet or a little detached kitchen. Thankfully though, bathrooms are separate. That being said, you’ll have minimal counter space and not a lot of storage. Furniture and appliances such as the fridge and oven may not be fully sized. Micro-apartments are also becoming a new trend recently, with space ranging from 300 to 350 square feet.

So how do you transform a cute home with space limitations? Check out these tips:

Create a bedroom area

A lack of a bedroom is the first thing you can solve after getting a studio apartment. You can create the illusion of a bedroom area by creating a divider of some sort – this can be in the form of book shelves, curtains, or a traditional room divider. Making every corner of your space functional and creating defined spaces will make it look bigger, plus it creates a sense of privacy for you to sleep in peace.

Get creative with your furniture layout

A furniture piece that hits multiple functions at once is a winner! For instance, a couch that can be converted into a bed serves two purposes and only occupies one area of the home – that’s a win! Futons are good for extra storage underneath or you can get a murphy bed that you can fold up during the day. You can also stack up big floor cushions in the corners when not in use. They can serve as replacements for bulky chairs that are sitting out the entire time.

A tall open wardrobe also provides you a large amount of affordable storage, and will make your bed space a bit larger than it actually is. You can secure a small chest of drawers for your undergarments, neatly piled underneath your wardrobe hanging space. It’s also ideal to use affordable storage bins for the top shelves so you can categorize your items accordingly. The bottom shelves will be perfect for your shoes and other footwear, keeping the floor clutter-free.

Avoid Clutter

Clutter can build up slowly without you knowing it, so it’s important to keep an eye on it while you’re figuring out your layout for your home. You wouldn’t want to feel cramped when you start putting stuff together. Make sure to leave pathways to avoid minor accidents and keep the center space clear from obstructions.

It might even be best to rent a self storage unit in a facility near you so you can keep things that are important to you but don’t need on a regular basis. This would help keep your clutter radar in check at all times. Take this as an opportunity to temporarily get rid of items that pile up and occupy too much space in your studio apartment. If you do your research diligently, there are tons of affordable storage in the area that will suit your storage needs.
Keep it bright

The better lighting you have in your studio, the larger it will feel. So if you are blessed with large windows and natural lighting, flaunt it! Don’t cover it with blackout curtains or blinds during the day. Always let the light pour in, it feels so much better that way! If there aren’t big windows available, consider getting enough lamps and overhead lights to keep things sunny and bright. Go for soft white bulbs as they tend to give off a warm and cozy feeling or place a few mirrors strategically to enhance the light you have.

There are tons of organization ideas that you can implement to your tiny space to make it look bigger and cozier – you just have to get some inspiration from a few resources. And trust us, you’ll find more benefits from your small space than you’ve ever hoped for.