Quick and Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home - Room by Room

Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home, Room by Room

Quick and Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home - Room by Room

Even the most organized person in the world would find it hard to keep up with home clutter. Everything just stacks up naturally from the piles of dirty laundry, clothes needing repair, books, old broken eyeglasses, unopened gifts, and the whatnots.

While self-storage is always a good idea, the fastest way to make your home look more spacious and organized is to clear out your stuff. Decluttering your home may sound like a huge task, but following these tips can help you stop clutter in its tracks.

The entryway and foyer
Among the other areas of the house, a cluttered entryway is somewhat less of a concern. However, keeping it tidy can make your life easier. Don't let this area be a place for everyone to dump their stuff. Instead, keep those mail and flyers in check, those out-of-season decors out of sight, and toss away those gloves without their mates.

The entryway and foyer is not only a place for you to sort your belongings and prepare for the day, it is also a reflection of your lifestyle. Get a rein on clutter and it will be a more inviting space for you and your guests.

The living room
One of the biggest decluttering challenges out there is tidying up the living room. You're lucky if it has enough storage solutions, but oftentimes, it doesn't. Not to mention, we get to use it a lot and it also needs to adapt to the needs of the entire family.

Keep your living space organized by making a conscious effort to clear the coffee table with decorative objects like flowers and books. Create a sense of flow in your living room by choosing the right pieces of furniture. Putting a fancy and functional ottoman in place for additional storage would be a nice trick to do this.

Bedroom and closet
Decluttering your home isn't always about discarding your stuff, but staying committed to those tiny habits that make the difference—such as making your bed. Anything that doesn't belong on your nightstand, dressers, and drawers, you can put away in storage bins. Resist the urge to keep unused items that will only take up space and dust.

Keep the dirty laundry in the hamper and evaluate your clothes, shoes, and accessories seasonally. Decide whether to throw it away, donate it to charity, or move it to a self-storage unit. And always—always return items to their proper places.

Dining and kitchen
No matter how much we want our kitchens to be spotless, it's the area in the house where clutter and mess materialize fast. Big and bulky cookware and utensils can quickly gobble up valuable storage space, and our countertops are always busy and out of place.

Keep the clutter at bay by utilizing the wall space. Hang and display your colorful pots and pans using S-hooks on a suspended rack or pegboard. It's also a good idea to mount a rack on surfaces like the back of a pantry door to amp up those otherwise empty spaces.

Your Bathroom
Decluttering is always a good idea especially when your bathroom is already starting to feel chaotic. Sort your medicine cabinets and your hair and skincare products, and toss away expired products. Do this quarterly and you wouldn't have to experience applying discolored sunscreen with a funky smell ever again!

If you're tight on space for bulky towels and linens, a great storage solution is to use wicker baskets. It's a pretty and practical way to keep those bathroom essentials within arm’s reach.

Your home office
Whether we admit it or not, visual clutter can affect our abilities to work from home. A messy desk with an overflowing bookshelf in sight can make you feel unproductive. To fix the latter, leave at least 10% bare space on each shelf. Keep your cords detangled and secure those wires in a cable box. Label them for easier access using washi tapes.

You can also take advantage of today's tech options by signing up for cloud storage for important documents and records. If you want to keep physical copies, our self-storage solutions in Pioneer do offer file storage services to cover your needs.

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