The Dos and Don'ts of Packing Your Furniture for a Move

The Dos and Don'ts When Packing and Moving Furniture

The Dos and Don'ts of Packing Your Furniture for a Move

Are you planning to relocate somewhere soon? Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects to take care of is storage solutions. When it comes to packing your belongings, it is imperative to know that they are well-protected and secure during the process—from your bulky furniture down to your smallest items.

But in general, moving your furniture can be a tricky thing especially when you are moving out by yourself. Although there are available professional movers that can offer you an efficient service, there are times when you wish to pack it without paying for assistance.

To help you out, we created this list of dos and don’ts of packing your furniture for a move.

● Don’t leave areas of your furniture unprotected and exposed to heat, sunlight, and dust particles in the hopes that they will not be damaged at all while moving. Make sure to cover and protect your entire furniture to keep them from getting damaged or scratched.

You will never know what can happen along the way, so you cannot rely on pure luck for the safety of your furniture.

● Don’t directly pack your furniture with packing tape or bubble wrap. The sticky side will affect the delicate covering of the furniture and may damage it if kept in such condition for a long time.

● Don’t pack your old and damaged vanity chair or couch that is already obsolete and out-of-date. This will save you some time and resources when packing especially when you're short on storage solutions. This will also save space for a fresher look in your new home.

● Don’t try to pack all your furniture without further assessing yourself if you can do the job alone or you need the assistance of a professional. This will not just protect your belongings but will also prevent you from taking the hazards of lifting these heavy items and breaking or damaging the floor and your back.

● Wrap your furniture using soft moving blankets or plastic wrap before covering them with packing tapes. These thick blankets will protect your furniture from sharp edges that may scratch accidentally whether you are temporarily keeping it in a short-term storage unit or not.

● Disassemble what you can. This may not be applicable to all but we recommend doing it with the ones you can such as modular tables, bed frames, and flat-pack chairs. Wrap all disassembled parts with a plastic covering.

Label them afterwards and place them in individual boxes for an easier assembly once you are settled. Pro-tip: keep all small fastening elements like nuts, bolts, and screws of different disassembled furniture in different sealable bags for safekeeping.

● Secure furniture items that may move or open such as doors, window panels, and drawers during the transport to a storage facility or your new home. If unsecured, this may cause an undesired impact to some of your pieces which can likely cause some damage in the moving process.

Try securing these with stretch wraps or twine to keep them sturdy and in place.

● Use gliders, towels, or cardboard in moving your furniture. Remember that the corners of your furniture are more likely to be at the risk of being damaged during moving, so try using these gliders and felt pads underneath the legs of your sofa or bed.

Use thick corrugated cardboards at the corners to prevent scratches to these items while in transit.

● Protect glass elements and fragile components of your furniture at all times. These include your shelves, glass doors, tabletops, or ornaments. Separately wrap them in thick blankets and cover them in bubble wrap.

● Explore valuation coverage, insurance options, and storage facilities for your furniture. Accidents can happen no matter how careful we are. So, while professional movers may give their best to protect your valuables, it is wise to be one step forward.

Do not be afraid to ask your professional movers about the insurance liability they are willing to commit to and the valuation coverage they can accept.

Moving to a new home can be demanding, but with the right steps and partners to help you with all of it, you can keep your furniture damage-free and ready for your new home.

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