Top 10 Questions to Ask a Self Storage Facility Manager

10 Questions to Ask a Self Storage Facility Manager Before Renting

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Self Storage Facility Manager

Our homes are full of things and this accumulated stuff causes the inevitable clutter that is not just an eyesore but a manifestation of underlying problems. Truth is, too much stuff can drain us — physically and mentally. It's not so nice to walk into your dining room table after a long day only to find out you can't eat there because it's full of mail or receipts. But then again, it is also true that we can only have so much space and while we love to get things organized, getting rid of all that stuff is not always simple.

Are you tired of the constant chaos in your home despite the regular cleanup? Are you sick of storing your bulky sweaters in unused suitcases or your Halloween costumes under your bed? If the answer is a resounding "YES!", then it's high time you need to give some thought to renting a self-storage unit.

Nowadays, renting a secure storage unit has never been easier with options that suit the customer's needs. So whether you're a first-time renter or you've been needing one for a while, choosing the best storage solution need not be complicated.

Are you ready to get started? You do not have to settle for just any self-storage unit. Asking the following crucial questions can help you pick the best just yet.

What do you do to ensure security?
First and foremost, a self-storage facility should keep your belongings safe. Whether you want to declutter your home, store seasonal items, or prepare for a move, look for a facility with exceptional security features such as gated entries, gated access, good lighting, and surveillance cameras. For more advanced security features, you can check for options like individually-alarmed units, electronic access, and even an actual security guard. The on-site crew is also a thing to consider since they can also help with security.

What are your access hours?
You need to find out when you can drop off and pick up your stuff. Most self-storage facilities are open during the 9-5 business hours, while others may open earlier and close later. You cannot expect though that there will be someone in the office every time you need to speak with an employee. If you are someone who needs access to your storage unit at midnight or super early in the morning, then you can opt for a self-storage facility with 24-hour access.

Do you have temperature-controlled self-storage units?
The temperature or climate control units that most storage facilities offer are essential if you want to keep your stuff safe at a safe temperature and humidity level. This is something ideal for wine collectors or art enthusiasts seeking a place to store their valued possessions in an extremely cold or hot environment or somewhere very humid.

How do you handle pest control?
Who wants bugs and rodents in their storage units? A great storage facility provider has a reliable pest control system which includes having a trusted pest control service spraying the property on time, setting traps, and taking the necessary precautions to keep the creepy-crawlies out of your stuff.

In addition to rent, are there any other fees I have to pay?
Normal fees would include a security deposit and an admin fee. You may want to ask for a breakdown of what you can expect so you know what to tell them when you're being ripped off. One more thing to note would be those storage providers that offer rentals that are way lower than their competition. You don't want to pay less only to get stuck with hidden fees so be wary.

Do you offer storage insurance?
Your car insurance, health insurance, and homeowners' insurance may have been paid, but self-storage insurance is also a thing — a smart idea. Make sure to ask if they require it, if they offer it or if you can go without it.

What are your payment methods?
Most self-storage providers would give you the option for online billing and/or auto-pay so ask about it especially if signing old-fashioned checks aren't your thing. Online payment methods make paying rent so much easier for both parties so it's a factor worth considering.

Do you offer any specials or discounts?
It's always a good idea to save up some bucks when you can. Make sure to check the self-storage company's website for online-only deals or other discount eligibilities. You don't want to miss out on student or military discounts or the seasonal specials for new and loyal renters.

What sets you apart?
One of the things that bring customers into a storage facility is when they know exactly what sets it apart from the rest. Let your storage provider define their services and what makes them better from the rest. It will never hurt to ask them this question you may just allow them the opportunity to highlight their specials and cool amenities. Some of the things you would love to see would be their state-of-the-art wine storage or an RV wash bay.

Can I get an on-site tour?
It is recommended to visit the storage facility in person before reserving a unit. This way, you'll be able to see how they keep it clean and experience their customer service. Additionally, you may want to check for feedback and online reviews from their tenants so you can gather a true idea about a certain provider from people who've used their service.

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