Top 5 Benefits of Car Storage

Why car storage benefits you?

Top 5 Benefits of Car Storage

Driving a luxury car? We know you’d like to drive your baby around every chance you get. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Approaching the cold months could mean that you can’t drive your car conveniently, or you could be leaving for a business trip or vacation away from home. Whatever the case may be, you need to ensure that your car storage is as best as it could ever be!

There are quite a lot of storage options to choose from which are mainly dependent on your specific needs. Getting the help of a self-storage facility is usually the answer, but then you’d have to choose which type suits your vehicle best. Is it canopy parking? Uncovered outdoor parking? Drive up storage perhaps? This article answers your questions concerning that and points out the top benefits of why choosing good car storage for the long term is a good move.

Benefit #1: It Reduces Car Damage
Leaving your car or vehicle in an unsecured space deprives it of the protection it needs. Poor storage can result in serious damages to your car where it is prone to harsh weather elements. As you know, every little damage contributes to the value reduction of your property and will cost you tons of money for repairs. Getting your car stored in a reliable self storage facility not only allows you to avoid all these problems but also provides you the peace of mind knowing that your car is parked safe and sound.

Benefit #2: It Saves Space
If you are living in a major city, you’d understand how precious every little space is! With the growing population across the US, parking spaces are also becoming limited, hence the need to book other parking spaces that will accommodate your car comfortably.

Another cool benefit is that it helps you avoid clutter and clear out your driveway, especially when that car isn’t particularly what you use on a daily basis. Think of it like having an extra garage, just not in your home.

Benefit #3: It Gives You and Your Car Security
You literally don’t have to worry about anything as soon as you’ve checked in your car to a storage facility. That’s what they are made for! Self storage facilities have security cameras and guards in place and if the unforeseen happens, your insurance policy will cover that.

Benefit #4: You get exclusive experiences
Some storage facilities offer exclusive privileges when you take advantage of their car storage offerings. You could be invited to private events or for a drink while talking about cars in social clubs. Of course, some added perks come with these types of privileges as well.

Benefit #5: Affordability
While keeping your car at home is free, the risks involving security far outweigh the affordability! Self storage facilities offer convenient options such as canopy parking or drive up storage, and they are quite less expensive compared to renting private lots which offer little to no protection at all! They’re mainly cost-effective due to flexible monthly options or fixed packages that are tailored to your specific car storage needs. Plus, they’re insurable too!

So what type of vehicles can you store in self storage facilities?
• Luxury cars
• Extra cars
• Boats
• RVs
• Motorhomes and Caravans
• Quad Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Golf Carts, Classic, and Vintage Cars

Which type of unit suits your vehicle?
Outdoor parking spaces are uncovered and have open-air fenced lots, perfect if you need some short-term storage. You can also choose canopy parking spaces to minimize exposure to heat. However, if you need long-term storage and want to fully minimize the exposure of outside elements, then a climate-controlled drive up storage may be best for your vehicle. This type of unit also comes in different sizes to accommodate the size of your car.

We highly recommend asking the help of the facility manager, as they are most knowledgeable about what storage is best for your specific vehicle. At Arcos, our managers and staff are always ready to help and provide detailed information that can help you decide the most suitable options for you.